7 Best Tips to Organise your Smartphone - 2020

Well maintained and organised smartphones are a pleasure to see and to use. So here are the 7 Best Tips to Organise your Smartphone

7 Tips to Organise your Smartphone - 2020

Well maintained and organised smartphones are a pleasure to see and to use. So here in this article ill share 7 Best Tips to Organise your Smartphone - 2020

7 Tips to Organise your Smartphone - 2020

Here are some great tips for organising your smartphone 2020

  1. Turn off Notifications.
  2. Clean up your contacts
  3. Transfer photos.
  4. Organise apps.
  5. Use a Launcher.
  6. Pick one Calender app.
  7. Cleaning the Exterior.

#1) Turn off Notifications.

Turning off unnecessary notifications can make your phone look cleaner.
To turn off unwanted notifications you can open your smartphone settings and manage all of your notifications there. But many versions of Android have a shortcut: when a notification comes through, hold down for a moment, and a gear icon should appear, allowing you to mute all of the alerts coming from that app then and there or you can simply go to the app which you don't want to display notifications and select to don't show notifications.
also, you can simply control your WhatsApp notifications frequently coming from WhatsApp group chats, simply long-press on the chat and select the top right side mute option and select mute notifications, this makes your phone in control for notifications. 

#2) Clean up your Contacts.

How to Clean Up My Android or iPhone Contacts

Just clean up your messy iPhone or Android contacts, old Deleting your old or unnecessary contacts can help in searching for contacts.
To clean up your contacts, just merge duplicate contacts, for example, I have a contact number of my friend with 5 multiple numbers than just I've to merge those numbers into a single one or we can merge using Gmail’s merge duplicates feature on your computer. On your Android smartphone, the Contacts application will import contacts from a number of sources. The Contacts app may be cluttered with similar details if you have imported contacts and have added your own. You can clean up your contact list by merging and deleting contacts from your Android device, or by using your computer's Gmail Merge Duplicate feature.

#3) Transfer Photos.

Transfer photos & files to the cloud to clean up the storage and this will helps to increase the phone's performance.
It's better to transfer your photos to ur PC/Laptop, or you can sync your photos or videos to the cloud to make free of space in your mobile there are many online cloud services available to keep files online you can photo transfer online or photo transfer wifi, photo transfer app android or transfer photos from iPhone to pc or choose best photo transfer app for android, photo transfer app desktop or you can choose photo transfer app on iPhone or you can install free software to transfer photos from iPhone to pc.
To Transfer files between your computer & Android device there we have two choices either move your files with your Google Account or you can move your files by using a USB cable.
to upload files in Upload files to your Google Account to use them on both your computer and phone. To upload files and folders you have to choose Google Drive. To Upload Music we can choose Google Play. while if you want to upload photos and videos you can choose the Google Photos option. 

#4) Organise Apps.

Organise apps to sections such as Games, Videos, etc., so choosing apps can be easier.
Just you can Organise your phone by making separate categories like games, chat, videos, etc., in different folders, can easily access in quick times this is because they will swiftly overcrowd our screens with thousands of apps at our fingertips. Apps are built to enhance our lives and make us more successful, but it can take time to try to find them in a mishmash of colorful icons. personally, I can categorize my apps on my smartphone into different categories (folders) just combine all the Google apps like Gmail, youtube, play store, google meet, contacts, drive, calendar into one folder, and my most playable games like PUBG, free fire, and other games into one folder like this placing the apps in different folders makes easily accessible in a quick launch.
Organizing apps on different home screen pages in order of how often you use them. To keep your Android or iPhone smartphones can make us clean and easily accessible, also make the goal is to have no more than three home screens. organize apps on iPhone automatically in acute ways to organize your apps or creative ways to organize your apps the best way to organize apps on android and auto arrange icons android to arrange apps alphabetically android and an app folder categories also to know how to organize your apps

#5) Use Launcher.

Customize your smartphone according to your wish by using launchers.
There are many varieties of smartphone launchers available in the play store & AppStore, install and use any launchers to customize your smartphone for your better performance.
One of my best-recommended apps for Android Launcher is the Nova Launcher. This Nova Launcher is a powerful, customizable, and versatile home screen replacement. Nova launcher brings advanced features to enhance your home screens we can easily customize your android home screen setup easily and which makes a stylish screen. Thanks to its many great features, Nova Launcher has become one of the most common replacements for Android home screens. nova launcher settings, nova launcher pro apk, nova launcher download, nova launcher country, nova launcher apkpure, nova, launcher app, nova launcher latest version, nova launcher, themes.

#6) Pick one Calendar app.

If your a person who uses mobile calenders, Try to choose one calendar for all your tasks which makes it using easier.
There are many calendars available for smartphones including the Google calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Meeting Bud, and many e.t.c., which can make us time savvy, and Keeping a calendar will change life for you. As well as making your life a lot less hectic, a calendar will save you from missing meetings and appointments. Plus, making all of your calendar appointments frees up your brain to focus on more important things.
while the google calendar is the best free calendar app and the best calendar app android also the best calendar app for students- google calendar app, the best calendar app for iPhone 2020, the best free calendar app for iPhone, the best calendar app for windows

#7) Cleaning the Exterior.

Try to clean up your phone's exterior frequently and go for a clean case and a screen protector.
Yes! Cleaning the Exterior of your phone is the important one because a smartphone is only the thing you use more frequently in our daily life With these tips for sanitizing your screen and case, stop pushing germs right up against your face. this is a small task take a few seconds to sanitize your phone, Just Accessible with a clean paper towel or microfiber cloth. Wipe away any residual moisture. Ideally, you're not going to use the same microfiber fabric, but another one you've recently washed with the aid of a laundry sanitizer (like Lysol Laundry Sanitizer). "Most microfiber cloths may be bleached, but not all of them. Dirty clothes should be washed periodically to avoid soil from returning to surfaces and prevent germs from spreading. we can use alcohol wipes to clean my phone, how to clean the mobile back panel, how to clean the mobile phone touch screen, how to clean your phone memory, cleaning cell phone with alcohol, how to clean your phone storage, phone soap, best cell phone cleaning wipes.

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