Chrome 88 brings a new Tab Search and Secure Password Protection Feature for Android and iOS

Chrome 88 Update- chrome 88 update brings new features new Tab Search and Secure Password Protection Feature for Android and ios. here how to update?
Chrome 88 Update

What's New in Chrome 88 Update?

Google today launched Chrome 88 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. Chrome 88 brings many new features such as Search by Tabs, Secure Password Protection, also along with this you can now use Play Billing in your Trusted Web Activity. FTP transfer protocol has been cleared, and of course, they got rid of it from Adobe Flash Player once and for all. You can update to the latest version now using Chrome’s built-in updater or download it directly from

Chrome 88 Features

Here is the complete list of Chrome 88;

  1. Search by Tabs
  2. Secure Password Protection
  3. Improving Billing & Payment Operations.
  4. Flash is finally completely removed.

Chrome 88- "Search by Tab" Feature

Google unveils its new Search by Tabs feature with the Chrome 88, the latest version of the browser. For the user, the possibility of searching for tabs arrives something that until then was only available on the Chromebook to the public.

This new form of tab search is present on the upper right side of Google Chrome for Windows

It can also be used using the Control + Caps Lock + A key combination.

When activating this search option, either through the combination of keys or by clicking on the new search function, a new search field will open where it is possible to enter the name of the tab we want to search for. Users will also be presented with the tabs opened in Google Chrome at the time of the search.

For those who usually have many tabs or tabs open in Google Chrome, the new search function will be very useful.

Chrome 88- "Secure Password Protection" Feature

Chrome 88 also brings the most important feature, Secure Password Protection. the most important of which is checking your passwords and informing you to change them in case they are leaked online, plus the passwords can be modified directly through the browser.

To activate it on Android phones you must go to Edit Passwords settings as shown here:

chrome://flags/#edit-passwords-in-settings (or wait for it to be activated automatically soon).

The Secure Password Protection feature will be available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android.

How to update Google Chrome 88

Google Chrome 88 begins to be distributed today to users, and it is advisable to install it. In case you don't have automatic updates enabled, 
  • Go to Chrome Settings and search for "Updates" in the search field.
The latest version of the browser is distributed gradually and in stages.

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