Google Chrome tips and tricks: 7 new hidden features you might not know- 2021

Google Chrome tips and tricks- Here are the 7 new hidden chrome browser features you might not know to save time. most useful amazing chrome features
Google Chrome tips and tricks

Tips & tricks for Chrome

Most amazing google chrome hacks in 2021. We've gathered a list of the most amazing google chrome features you can't find on the internet. We all have our own google chrome features that we use in our everyday life. But in this article, you are going to find some amazing chrome features that you can definitely find as the most useful amazing chrome features ever in 2021.
More than 65% of internet users use google chrome as their primary browser. Google chrome can be more efficient and amazing if you use these google chrome tricks. In this article, I've short-listed 7 genuine coolest google chrome features you can use in 2021 which a lot of people don't know. You can use these amazing chrome features in your everyday life.

7 new hidden Google Chrome Browser features you might not know- 2021

Here are the 7 new hidden chrome browser features you might not know to save time.
  1. Add a custom search engine.
  2. Utilize the Google Omnibox.
  3. Save webpages as PDF Files.
  4. Quickly find words with 'Find in Page'.
  5. Speed up Downloads with Parallel Downloading
  6. View two Chrome tabs at once.
  7. Switch Tabs with a Swipe.

#1) Add a custom search engine

Google Chrome Custom Search Engine

With this option, you can also easily change your default search engine. To switch your default search engine;
  • Open your Google Chrome Web Browser.
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on the Search engine.
  • Choose the search engine of your own choice and click on ok.

#2) Utilize the Google Omnibox.

Google Omnibox

The Google Omnibox does more than displaying the URL and allowing you to search. It's also capable of performing mathematical calculations and even answering questions such as "How many KG in 1 Ton"? or we can solve simple mathematical calculations as just simply enter 2X2? immediately search result shows the exact answer to your question.

#3) Save webpages as PDF Files.

Chrome Save as PDF

With the help of this feature, you can save the website as a PDF. Find the page you want to download, and then press the Share button in the Three dots menu. Select the 'Print' button, and tap on 'Save as PDF,' and finally press the save/print button.

#4) Quickly find words with 'Find in Page'.

Chrome Find in Page
"Find in page' is a great tool that helps in finding a specific word on a page. Also, you can swipe up and down on the right bar to quickly scroll through matches.

#5) Speed up Downloads with Parallel Downloading.

Chrome Parallel Downloading

This Chrome for Android trick can be useful when downloading large files. Parallel downloading essentially divides the file into multiple parts for simultaneous downloading. This technique increases overall speeds.

#6) View two Chrome tabs at once.

Most of us use the split-screen mode and this can be used to split two tabs on google chrome to do this, 
open chrome and open a couple of tabs now go to the split-screen mode and select chrome, now tap on the three dots and then tap on 'move to other windows.

#7) Switch Tabs with a Swipe.

You can easily switch your active tabs easily by swiping left and right across the address bar.

So, here we come across the 7 new hidden features of Google Chrome Web Browser, If you find these features interesting let me know what you think in the comment below.

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