What is the best alternative to WhatsApp- 2021? - Here is the list of best WhatsApp Alternative

Here is the list of best WhatsApp Alternative -2021 (Whatsapp VS Signal Private Messenger VS Telegram Messenger) Signal Messenger App over Whatsapp?

Best Secure WhatsApp Alternatives 2021
WhatsApp just changed its "Terms & Conditions" kept users' privacy at risk,  and everyone is looking for the best alternative in respect of all privacy features. Here in this article, you'll know which is the best alternative app for Whatsapp.

Best Alternative to WhatsApp - 2021

Here are the two best alternatives to WhatsApp 2021; Try these apps for better Privacy & Security.
  1. Signal- Private Messenger
  2. Telegram Messenger.

#1) Signal- Private Messenger

If you're not interested in giving up your privacy in WhatsApp then SIGNAL Private Messenger is the best alternative to WhatsApp. 

Reports say there has been a huge increase in signal app downloads and account openers after businessman Elon Musk's call to use the signal app while WhatsApp's new policy is controversial. 

The signal app is an encrypted messaging service owned by Signal Foundation, Signal Messenger LLC, based in California. Signal started operating in 2014 Brian Acton and Moxi Marlinspike, one of the co-founders of WhatsApp, started a non-profit organization called Signal Foundation. Facebook is taking over WhatsApp 2014, developed by Brian Acton and Jan Com. Brian Acton and Jan Com were leaving the company after a difference of opinion with Facebook chief Zuckerberg's stand to make a profit from WhatsApp. Resigned from Facebook in 2017. 

Signal - Private Messenger App Features

These are the 15 Exciting Features of Signal- Private Messenger App of 2021 [Updated: 10Jan, 2021]
  1. Signal Private Messenger is completely free and there won't be Ads.
  2. This app can communicate between two people, individuals, and groups through the internet like WhatsApp and Telegram. Voice call and video call facilities are also available in this.
  3. It's available in Android, iOS, and desktop versions.
  4. Signal also has the facility to transfer text messages, pictures, videos, files, gifs, etc as on WhatsApp.
  5. This service that can be logged in using phone numbers has end to end encryption protection. 
  6. Can also be used to send SMS safely.
  7. The Android version of the signal app can be used as the default SMS MMS app on the phone this way SMS messages can also be encrypted.
  8. The other side should also use the signal app for SMS.
  9. You can lock Signal Private Messenger with a passcode or biometrics.
  10. 2FA and an option to block screenshots within the app and the recent screen.
  11. Features to blur faces automatically before sending images.
  12. Signal private messenger by default encrypts all the local files with a 4-digit passphrase, and if you create an encrypted local backup than you can do that as well
  13. The major advantage of the signal messenger app is made using free open source software differently from other services.
  14. This is what increases users' credibility over the signal app. Anyone can check the app's open-source code.
  15. Elon Musk, the richest person on the planet, asked his followers to use the signal app on Twitter.
#Signal - Private Messenger App Updates:
  • Signal beats Whatsapp Messenger to becomes the top free app on App Store in India.

Signal - Private Messenger VS Whatsapp Messenger

Here's a complete key factor's comparing-  Signal - Private Messenger VS Whatsapp Messenger; So, Whats's your choice? choose accordingly

1Signal - Private Messenger is a non-profit organization started in 2014. It runs on donations, not data.Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, which is known for user data mining which in turn personal info is not private with this messenger.
2Signal - Private Messenger is safer than Whatsapp Messenger as even UK Politicians made the switch to Privacy.Whatsapp in partnership with Facebook can help advertisers target users based on data.

Signal - Private Messenger  isn't backed by Ads or user data, unlike Whatsapp Messenger which is its business model

Whatsapp Messenger works only for money, but not for the Users.

Signal - Private Messenger's code is Open-Sourced which means its code is visible to everyone.

Whatsapp Messenger doesn't share its code.
5Signal - Private Messenger can collect Phone Number (Only for Registration)Whatsapp Messenger Data Collection: OS, Phone Model, Whatsapp Usage, Battery Status, IP Address, Profile Picture, About Info (User ID, Contacts, Etc.,), Group details, Status updates, Payment & Transactions, Time Zone, Signal Strength  
6 End-to-End Encryption is Available End-to-End Encryption is Available 
7Metadata Encryption is AvailableMetadata Encryption is not Available

#2) Telegram Messenger

Whatsapp Messenger has changed its privacy policies from next month. Whatsapp will force users to agree to its new privacy policy within the next month, or else lose access to the app. But, If you're not interested in giving up your privacy in WhatsApp then TELEGRAM Messenger is also the 2nd best alternative to WhatsApp. 

We all know Whatsapp, but few people know Telegram, or at least all its features. 

Telegram Messenger Features

These are the 10 Exciting Features of Telegram Messenger App of 2021 [Updated: 10Jan, 2021]
  1. Telegram is cloud-based, unlike Whatsapp; this means it will never go into memory on the device.
  2. Both Messengers allow you to send text messages, voice, phone calls, video calls, and create groups, across multiple telegrams, to create channels (groups where only admins can write). 
  3. Speaking of groups instead of on Whatsapp, the limit is 256 people, you can reach up to 200.000 on telegram!
  4. One of the key points is bots, many talks about it, but few know what they are.
  5. A bot is a program that performs commands according to how it was developed. Some bots are very useful, for example, there is a bot that lets you track your package in real-time, another that converts audio to message, and so on. You can also create them because telegram allows you to use your own APIs to create the bot.
  6. You can also share your Live Location by using Telegram Messenger
  7. Another difference between Whatsapp Messenger & Telegram Messenger is file sharing, Whatsapp lets share a maximum of 16 MB, but telegram is limited up to 2 GB.
  8. You can also chat with a user without knowing their phone number, much less show yours, using a tag you can share with anyone. Another difference is the ability to change the message sent.
  9.  Another pillar of the telegram is the possibility of secret chats, a secret chat is protected by end-to-end encryption, it only exists on the device it's created, it doesn't allow screenshots, and you can set a self-destruct timer for messages.
  10. Telegram is so confident in their privacy that they launched a challenge, anyone who thinks they can decipher messages and can prove it will win $ 300.000 $.

Whatsapp Messenger VS Telegram Messenger

Here's a complete key factor's comparing-  Whatsapp Messenger VS Telegram Messenger; So, Whats's your choice? choose accordingly

 FeatureWhatsapp MessengerTelegram Messenger
Group MembersLimited to 256 MembersLimited up to 200,000 Members
Status FeatureAvailableNot Available
File Size Limit


Video Call Limit

8 People

Yet to arrive
Schedule MessageNot AvailableAvailable
Multi-DeviceYet to arrive Available
Public ChannelNot AvailableAvailable
Contact throughOnly Phone NumberUsing Phone Number or User Name
SecurityChats are Encrypted but
personal data will be shared with Facebook 
You can create a secret chat for
End-to-End Encryption

So, here we come across the complete best alternative to WhatsApp- 2021, Which one do you choose over Whatsapp? whether Whatsapp VS Signal VS Telegram?
Comment below your suggestions :)
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