Xiaomi has announced the new 'Mi Air Charge Technology'

Mi Air Charge Technology

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology

Xiaomi creates a new transformation in the charging technology for smartphones with it's "Mi Air Charge Technology", with this new technology you can now charge your smartphones from a distance without the need for a cable wires or a wireless charging stand. when you get close to the device, the phone starts to charge automatically.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Highlights (Specs & Features):

These are the main highlights (Specs & Features) of Xiaomi's new 'Mi Air Charge Technology';

  • Mi Air Charge allows users to charge electronic devices remotely without cables or wireless charging cradles.
  • With this 'Mi Air Charge Technology' now you can charge your device while you walk freely
  • The core technology of Xiaomi remote charging lies in spatial positioning and power transmission.
  • Xiamoi's self-developed isolated charging stack has built-in five phase jamming antenna's which can accurately detect the location of a smartphone.
  • Xiaomi's remote charging technology is capable of remotely charging for 5w for a single device within a radius of several meters.  
  • Mi Air Charge Technology is ultimately 5 watt charging, and Xiaomi is expected to operate this technology on the Mi 11 Pro smartphones for the first time.