Netflix Movies Download- How To Automatically Download Favorite Shows, Movies based on preferences?

Netflix downloads for you-Netflix releases a new download feature "Downloads for you", to watch your Favorite Shows,Series,movies when you are offline
Netflix downloads for you

Netflix "Downloads for you"?

Netflix releases a new download feature called "Downloads for you", making easy to watch your Favorite Shows, Series, &  Movies when you are offline.

Netflix seems to always look for ways to make it easier and easier to access its services, Latest, Netflix releases its "Download for You" feature. This feature aims to bring more offline content to users who choose to auto download. By enabling "Downloads for You ", the Netflix app will automatically download recommended TV shows and movies to the user's mobile device. This feature will be determined by the historical Netflix watch. So, you can watch your Favorite Shows, Movies based on preferences while you are offline.

How To use Netflix "Downloads for You"?

Here's how to use Netflix "Downloads for you" option to download favorite shows, movies based on preferences;

  1. Open "Netflix" application on your mobile.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, in the middle of the menu bar, tap the "Downloads" button.
  3. Next, click on "Set up" to see "Downloads for You" option.
  4. Select how much data you want to set aside for your downloads.
  5. The app lets you increase or decrease in 5GB segments starting at 5GB. The maximum will depend on your device’s storage.
  6. Click on "Turn on" to confirm (activate) which enables "Downloads for you" option.
  7. Now you can Automatically Download Favorite Shows, Movies based on preferences.
  8. You'll get a notification once a new recommendation (movies, shows, series) is downloaded.
  9. You can view download progress and watch your offline content in the Netflix app’s “Downloads” tab.
  10. Tap a thumbnail from the list to see how many episodes are saved on your device.
  11. Tap “See More Episodes” to go to a show’s main Netflix page.
  12. Downloaded Shows, Movies & series will be available on your mobile, until you remove the video from your recommendations. 

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