Pi Network has crossed 14M engaged Pioneers, Best Way to Get Free Pi Coins in 2021

Pi has crossed 14M engaged Pioneers! Best ways to mine and get Free Pi Coins in 2021. Just Enter the Invitation code (GnaneshwarGG)

Pi Network

Pi Network has crossed 14M Engaged Pioneers

Pi Network has crossed 14M engaged Pioneers- The number of App Users Crosses 14M. The Pi Network Community is an invitation-only community that has grown to over 14M people worldwide. This is a new app, launched March 14, 2019 (Pi Day!). It's more clear that Pi Network is becoming the fastest-growing, most sustainable cryptocurrency on the market.

Pi makes crypto mining easy breakthrough tech allows you to directly mine on your phone without draining the battery.

As reported by the Pi Network team;

Pi has crossed 14M engaged Pioneers! Mine at a higher rate while you can. Mining Pi gets harder as the network grows in order to reward earlier contributors and make Pi more scarce. Don’t miss out!

Best Way to Get Free Pi Coins in 2021

  1. Download Pi network app from Playstore or Appstore.
  2. Sign up with Facebook or your phone number.
  3. Set up your password.
  4. Fill in your profile details. Use your real name for the verification process.
  5. Enter the Invitation code (GnaneshwarGG)
  6. Next, Tap the lightning icon to start mining.
  7. Go to Menu > Profile > Verify your phone number.
  8. After the verification completed, you'll now start earning Pi coins.
Recently, the Pi network has announced that Pi Wallet released and enrolled over 10,000 Pioneers to test the wallet through the Node UI where The Pi Wallet will be connected to Pi Testnet and initiated with Test-Pi by the Pi Testnet faucet, which is a facility on the Testnet to distribute free test-Pi. Test-Pi (or test-π) is NOT REAL Pi!

Test-Pi is solely for the purpose of testing transactions on the Pi Testnet and contains NO VALUE. The Test-Pi balance in the wallet may be reset because Testnet will be periodically reset as part of the testing.
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