Qualcomm new CEO is planning to develop the world's best processor to beat the Apple M1

Qualcomm CEO, Cristiano Amon's new plans for the company have been reveled, planning to develop the world's best processor to beat the Apple M1
Qualcomm to Build World's best processor to beat the Apple M1

Qualcomm to Build World's best processor to beat the Apple M1

"Qualcomm Wants New Chipset Design to Compete Apple M1...!" - Apple now has a Silicon chipset made by himself, namely the M1 on the MacBook and iPad Pros. But Qualcomm is said to want to make a new chipset that will become a competitor to the Apple M1.

The presence of an ARM-based chipset made by Apple, namely the M1 is indeed enough to make the technology industry quite excited. How not, Apple has now left Intel and switched to its own chipset that comes with much better performance. Users of ARM-based chipsets allow Apple to deliver better performance on their devices, and the use of power from ARM chipsets is certainly much more efficient than Intel processors. Seeing the success of Apple with its M1 chipset, Qualcomm is also known to be interested in making a new chipset specifically for laptops to tablets with high enough performance. 

Qualcomm CEO, Cristiano Amon said that currently, his party is developing a new chipset that will be a competitor of the M1. Interestingly, Qualcomm is said to be making chipsets Apple's M1 competitor without any help from ARM. It means they will develop their own chipset design which will also be a competitor of ARM. 

"We have to bring the advantage of performance to devices that are powered by batteries. If ARM can provide a CPU that is better than us, of course, we have the option to do it better," said Amon

Recently, Qualcomm itself has also made an acquisition of a company called Nuvia, a startup founded by former Apple employees who worked in the manufacture of Apple Silicon chipsets. Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon believes former Apple employees coming from the Nuvia company they bought for $ 1.4 billion, will lead themselves to victory. The Nuvia company has emerged as a start-up project created by 3 former Apple engineers specializing in design by A-series processors. With the purchase of Qualcomm, these employees will start sweating for the company's laptop processors. In addition, Amon-led Qualcomm plans to take a step ahead in this field using their own experience against M1 processors to just have a 5G modem. The probability of seeing the nearest Qualcomm sample laptops appears to be next year.

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