Telegram New Update gets video playback speed, screen sharing with sound, and video calls up to 1000 viewers

Telegram New Update 7.9.0- Telegram Now Supports Up to 1000-Viewer Group Calls, Screen Sharing, and More

 Telegram New Update

Telegram New Update 7.9.0

Telegram has released its new big update. In this update: Finally, users can enable the Screen Sharing page in contacts between two people, and there is no need to build a group and call there to benefit from this capability. In this version, we even witness new moving emojis. Telegram 7.9.0 is finally out and you can now install it from the Android play store &  App Store.

Telegram has also added sound support in Screen Sharing capability, and now it will be heard in your computer or mobile audio when sharing the page by the opposite side.

Telegram New Features (Version 7.9.0)

These are the top new features Telegram is adding with its latest update;

  • Telegram has now increased the limit on the number of people present in video group calls to 1000, and up to 30 people can share their camera or screen image with those 1000 people simultaneously. Telegram said that these restrictions will increase the number of viewers in the future. Of course, the strange thing is that to use this capability, you first have to create a group, then create a voice chat and then turn this chat into video feed mode.
  • Telegram with its latest update has shown the capability of Video Messages, in which videos have higher quality, the possibility of enlarging them. They are and can be turned back and forth. 
  • From now on, users can change the speed of videos and make them slower (0.5 x) or faster (1.5 x and 2 x). Android users have 0.2 x access to an extra option. To change the speed of videos, just open a video to the whole page, click on the three dots button and choose the Speed option. Also now when you use the back camera while recording a video, you can have zoomed by pinching. In this update, you can increase the size of your font or lower the size of the font by reducing zoom on the images.
  • Telegram New Update
  • The media editor also gives higher accuracy when sketching pictures.
  • Automatic removal of messages now takes advantage of a new one-month schedule option. This feature earlier was only limited to a 1-day or 1-week schedule, but now when you touch the three-spot menu and hit the Clear history option, you can determine your messages available for the next month Let them remain.
  • And finally when editing photos and drawing them, if you zoom in on the photo, the thickness of the brush reduces according to your zoom so that you can draw more precisely on places. This update is now downloadable for Android and iOS.
  • We can find better animations on the password entry screen, in - Let's mention for the iOS version and new moving emojis.

Besides these features, now if you don't have a recovery email and forget your second password, Telegram gives you up to 7 days to change your password.

Telegram 7.9.0 is finally out and you can now install it from the Android play store &  App Store.

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