How to charge your iPhone faster: 5 Tips and Tricks

Here's how to charge your iPhone faster: Need to charge your iPhone faster in a pinch? Here are ways to get more battery charge in less time.

charge your iPhone faster

Charge your iPhone faster

Charge your iPhone ultra faster- Everyone encounters this sooner or later: you have left your phone on the charger far too late and you want to get the most out of charging before you leave. How do you do that? This way you can charge your iPhone faster. Here in this article, I'll show you the 5 best tricks that can increase the charging speed of your iPhone.

5 Tips and Tricks to charge your iPhone faster

Here are some helpful tips on how to charge your iPhone charge faster;
  1. Do not use old chargers.
  2. Wireless charging is not ideal.
  3. Go for the 20W USB-C adapter.
  4. Sometimes a laptop charger works too.
  5. Use an external battery.

#1) Do not use old chargers

If you have been an avid user of Apple devices for years, you probably still have some old chargers that you use to charge your iPhone. Although you can use it in a normal situation, you'd rather opt for a new charger if you don't have that much time. Older adapters can take quite a while to charge your iPhone. An exception is the old 12W iPad charger. Although this adapter is not as fast as current chargers, you can charge your iPhone quite quickly with it. 
According to various tests, you can charge about 40% in thirty minutes. Don't buy such an old adapter especially for it, but if you still have it somewhere, this is a great option. Chargers that are officially intended for other brands of smartphones are also best avoided. 

#2) Wireless charging is not ideal

Last year, Apple announced the MagSafe wireless charger. Handy: you put your phone on the charger and you're done! If you want to charge your iPhone quickly, however, the MagSafe is not a good choice. Although Apple says the adapter supports up to 15 watts, in practice the wattage turns out to be a lot lower, comparable to the older 12W adapter for the iPad. Especially if you have an older iPhone, you won't get high speeds with a MagSafe. 

#3) Go for the 20W USB-C adapter

If you really want to charge your phone quickly, then choose the 20W USB-C adapter. The charging speeds that you can achieve with this charger vary per phone model, but you can often charge about half of your battery in thirty minutes. 

#4) Sometimes a laptop charger works too

If you have a not too old MacBook, you can often also use this adapter for your iPhone. Although these chargers are much more powerful than regular iPhone adapters, an iPhone cannot fully utilize the charging capacity. But that doesn't change the fact that a MacBook charger can be a good option for quickly charging your phone. 

#5) Use an external battery

When it's time to leave and you really have to unplug your phone, you can of course also charge on the go. A handy option is a charging case: this functions as a protective cover and at the same time as a charger. You can buy such a protective cover from third parties, but Apple itself also has a line of rechargeable covers. For example, you can click the MagSafe Battery Pack onto your iPhone by means of a magnet, so that you can easily charge it on the go. A charging case does make your phone bigger and heavier.

So, these are the 5 best tips and tricks which make your iPhone charge very fast than before. If you found this article interesting, then please share this with your friends and let them beware of this.

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