Google Chrome 94 Released for Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux : What’s New in Chrome 94?

[Google Chrome Update] Google Chrome 94 Released for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux; Here's What’s New features in Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50)?
Chrome 94

Google Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50) Update

The new version of the browser Google Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50)  has arrived and is ready to download for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux devices. A few weeks after making Google Chrome 93 available, the tech giant Google is now ready with a new version [Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50) ]. The new Chrome Update now has a news page, a completely revamped settings page, and much more, along with new features,. As the stable release of Chrome 94 is now available, it is highly recommended that users upgrade their Chrome browser to stay safe. 

Here in this article, you'll know about the latest features with Google Chrome 94 update.

Google Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50) Latest Features:

Chrome 94 update
Chrome 94 update

These are the 5 new features added to the Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50) update;
  1. Bug Fixes
  2. Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox.
  3. Find tabs easily with tab search.
  4. Separate work and personal browsing.
  5. Pick a new background and color for Chrome.

#1) Google Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50): Bug Fixes

The new features of Chrome 94 are few and mainly concern bug fixes and performance improvements.
Chrome 94 focuses a lot on boosting privacy and introduces several new security features. Google has also fixed bugs and claims to have better secured Google Chrome browser by taking care of 19 security issues. One of the major upgrades that are available in Chrome 94 is HTTPS-First mode. With this, Google will warn users by showing a full-page alert when they open a website that is based on HTTP and not the more secure HTTPS.

#2) Google Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50): Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox

Instead, among the functions visible to users we have a change in the settings screen, it will no longer be a single "infinite page" but will be divided into sections, and the Sharing Hub screen. This is accessible with a button on the address bar and allows users to copy the link, generate a QR code, or quickly share the page on a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Linkedin, or Pinterest. 

Sharing Hub screen

To enable this feature, however, it is necessary to manually activate the chrome://flags/#sharing-hub-desktop-omnibox flag.

#3) Google Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50): Find tabs easily with tab search

Search Tab
You can now type to find a tab in any Chrome window and close tabs you don’t need anymore. At the top of your Chrome window, click the tab search icon  ↑ or ↓ and see a list of all your open Chrome tabs.

#4) Google Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50): Separate work and personal browsing.

You can create multiple profiles in Chrome, to keep your browsing history and synced data for work separate from your personal browsing.

#5) Google Chrome 94 (94.0.4606.50): Pick a new background and color for Chrome.

Want a new look for your chrome browser? Check out Chrome’s backgrounds and colors. If you use multiple Chrome profiles, you can even use a different background for each one.
Here's how to change backgrounds on your chrome browser.

Customize Chrome

  1. Open a new tab.
  2. At the bottom right, click Customize Chrome.
  3. Now it will open a new window with custom themes.
  4. Choose anyone to set as your chrome theme.

Updates arrive monthly for the stable version of Chrome

So, these are the new features with Chrome 94, Still if you didn't download the latest update? just click on three verticle dots on the top right side and > Go to Settings > and click on About Chrome, this will automatically update your Chrome Browser.
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