Microsoft launches "Microsoft Start", an AI personalized news service

{Microsoft Start}- Microsoft launches an AI personalized news service called Microsoft Start available as both a website and mobile app(Android & iOS)
Microsoft Start

Microsoft Start- an AI personalized news service

Tech Giant Microsoft rolls out its new personalized news service app called "Microsoft Start". Microsoft Start is a replacement of "Microsoft News" that comes in the form of an application, a website, and content integrated into the firm's other products and it will be available for Android & iOS, in addition to being integrated with other Microsoft products, including Windows 10 & Windows 11 and its Microsoft Edge Web Browser.

How to access Microsoft Start?

You can also use Microsoft Start in your browser directly ( but even through you can access this website from Chrome Browser or Microsoft Edge but at present it is not available for Safari browser.

Microsoft explains that the personalization system should put Microsoft Start at the level of competing services such as Apple News, Google News, Flipboard or even SmartNews.

When you visit the Microsoft Start site, you actually discover a collection of news from various publishers - with many widgets that give a quick glance at information such as the weather, sports results, or even traffic info.

Microsoft Start News Feeds

Microsoft Start can provide news feeds around the world which includes (Entertainment, Health, Lifestyle, Autos, Videos), Weather news includes (Maps, Air Quality News), Traffic ((Maps), Sports News (IPL 2021, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Golf, Formula 1, Americal FootBall, Rugby Union, Baceball, Ice Hockey, Esports, Othersports, Sports Index also includes My Favorites), Money (News, Markets, Gadgets, Careers, Personal Finance, Technology, Real Estate, My Watchlist, Indepth, Currency Converter, Tools, Stock Screener).

Under each title, Microsoft has added a new reaction type emoji's for the user to express their preferences these buttons are just similar to the reaction emoji on Facebook, are found on the home page of the site, which allows you to react without even opening the article.

The personalization of the news will go, according to Microsoft, far beyond what already exists. In particular, it will be possible to click on a “customize” button which will allow you to manually correct your preferences.

Categories available from the home page allow you to easily search a specific subject and of course all your reactions to each article will also have an influence on the news that will be presented to you subsequently.

Microsoft specifies that the personalized selection will be both the advantage of an AI and the work of a team of human moderators.

You can test Microsoft Start today. To do this, simply go to or download the Android application in Google Playstore and iOS app from app store.

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