Microsoft Office 2021 arrives in October alongside Windows 11

Microsoft Office 2021 with one-time purchase is coming soon for consumers who don't want to pay for a Microsoft 365 subscription
Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft Office 2021

Microsoft has just announced that the new version of its Office suite will be available on October 5, the day of the official release of Windows 11. 

Through a blog post, Microsoft announced the official release date of Office 2021 and arrival of Office LTSC. Microsoft Office LTSC has been available as a preview for testing purposes since April.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced the upcoming arrival of a new version of its office suite . We now know its official release date: the deployment of Office 2021 will begin from October 5, the very day of the official release of Windows 11.

The new version of Office , which will benefit from a new interface adopting Fluent Design codes, will be offered in two forms: the first will be included in the Microsoft 365 subscription, while the second will be offered in the form of a perpetual license for users who do not wish to purchase a subscription.

This new version of Office will be available on  both Windows and macOS and will be offered in an LTSC (Long Term Servicing Channel) version for business customers, as well as in a version for the general public and SMEs.

The company's productivity suite hasn't had many details yet, but we can expect new features in Office LTSC, released today for Windows and Mac, in 32 and 64 versions bits.

Customers who choose to acquire Office 2021 with a perpetual license will benefit from five years of monitoring and updates. Beyond that, Office 2021 will no longer be followed by Microsoft and it will be necessary to acquire a new perpetual license for a more recent version of Office to take advantage of future innovations in the office suite.

Those who opt for the Microsoft 365 subscription, a solution Microsoft hopes to see mainstream in the future, will benefit from all updates and new features in Office as long as their subscription is valid.

The single-purchase Office 2021, which arrives in October for the average consumer, is an alternative for those who do not want to subscribe to Microsoft 365. It brings some much-awaited innovations in relation to Office 2019, including the “Inline Focus” feature, which it's a kind of reading mode to bypass distractions; support dynamic matrix and PROCX function in Excel; and Dark Mode.

Microsoft in its official blog, 

"Microsoft 365 delivers the most productive and secure Office experience available, and we're regularly adding new features, including innovations in collaboration, AI, security, and more."

During the official announcement of Office 2021 earlier this year, Microsoft stated that it did not plan to change the price of the products at the time of release. Currently, Office 2019 Home and Business costs ₹ 27,999.00 and for Home and Student costs ₹ 9,199.00.

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