Netflix Launches 'Completely Free Plan' in Kenya

Free Netflix on Android in Kenya

Free Netflix on Android in Kenya

Netflix has announced that it has launched a "Free plan in Kenya that does not require advertising or registration of payment information" to allow many people to experience the service. Right now The free plan is only live in kenya and only available to users on Android mobile devices. It also only gives users access to many of the streaming giant’s popular films and TV shows. to about 25% of the content i.e., you can watch dramas such as " Blood & Water ", " Bridgerton Family ", and " Army of the Dead "

In past, Netflix has taken various measures to attract users, such as "30-day free trial" and "free trial distribution without user registration" to boost its presence in the relatively untapped African market but this time Netflix is back with a new Free plan 

Only available on Android mobile phones, the free plan includes only about a fourth of its total streaming content without the option to download. This includes African teen crime drama Blood & Water, romantic period drama Bridgerton, and zombie heist film Army of the Dead.

According to Netflix;

If you've never seen Netflix before - and a lot of Kenyan people haven't - this is a great way to try our service. And if you like what you see, it's easy to upgrade to one of our paid plans so you can enjoy our full catalog on TVs and laptops as well.

The purpose of "Free Plan" is to allow you to try the service at no cost, hoping that a part of users will then decide to subscribe to the paid subscription that will remove all the limits of the free offer :

The free plan was activated in the past few hours in Kenya and will continue to be distributed in the coming weeks. Going beyond the contours of the single market, it is evident that Netflix is ​​looking for new ways to expand the installed base, targeting the markets where it still has room for growth similar strategies could be adopted in countries where Netflix's circulation rate is still very low.

This purpose is to continue expanding the user base must be seen in the context of the streaming giant's most recent financial results: growth is slower than in the past, and in mature markets, where Netflix has been available for longer, for example. for example the United States , in the last quarter there was also a decrease in the number of subscribers. It is understandable that Netflix, even in the light of increasingly tighter competition, wants to conquer new users where it still has more room to maneuver.

How to use "Completely Free Plan" in Kenya? 

To access "Completely Free Plan" in Kenya;

  • Enter your email address and password to confirm that you are over 18 years old and create an account.

Completely Free Plan" in Kenya
  • Click on "Start a Free Plan", to activate free plan.
Completely Free Plan" in Kenya

Note: Right now, it's only live in kenya and only available to users on Android mobile devices. It also only gives users access to about 25% of the content.