Download the new 'Expert RAW' Camera app for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra [.apk]

"Expert RAW' Camera app- Download the new 'Expert RAW' Camera app for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra [.apk], Complete Specs, Features & Download Link here

'Expert RAW' Camera app for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

'Expert RAW' Camera app for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung has finally launched the new "Expert RAW" camera app for its Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra running Android 12 or above

Even with their high optical zoom capabilities of up to 10x and good overall user experience, the Galaxy S21 Ultra's two telephoto cameras were the only ones that couldn't be used with the Pro mode, the one that allows the user to change various parameters of photography or video as well as professional equipment. However, Samsung has started making the feature available through a new application called "Expert RAW".

Actually, this application will unlock the pro mode for the camera lenses dedicated to the optical zoom of this great Android smartphone, since currently, that mode is only available for the main and the wide-angle. This new application allows the user to use the pro mode on the main camera, the ultra-angle, 3x telephoto, and 10x telephoto.

Expert RAW Camera App

Expert RAW camera application
Expert RAW camera app

Expert RAW is a new camera app for Samsung Galaxy that is a downloadable application that allows you to take high-quality, high dynamic range photos in multi-frame raw format for professional shooting and editing.

The Expert RAW app will allow adjustments related to exposure values ​​(EV), focus, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. Features such as highlights, shadows, saturation, and hue can also be changed according to the user's need, in an app that not only supports the camera zoom but also adds the standard and ultrawide lens, which already has Pro mode in the native camera app.

The application also allows the visualization of a histogram, the graph that shows the exposure levels in each section of the image, allowing more precise adjustments according to the will and creativity of whoever is taking the photo or recording the video.

Images can be saved in lossless JPEG format or 16-bit linear RAW DNG with direct export to Adobe Lightroom - but editing can also be done in similar programs. Expert RAW also supports HDR and can capture with less noise, sharper detail, and high dynamic range through a multi-frame capture technology.

"Expert RAW" Camera App Specifications:

These are the specifications of the new 'Expert RAW' Camera app;

  1. Linear DNG 16 bit raw.
  2. Lossless JPEG.
  3. HDR.
  4. Professional mode functions such as ISO, Shutter-Speed, EV, Manual Focus, White Balance, Histogram, etc.
  5. UW, Wide, Tele(3x), Tele(10x) lens support.

How to edit photos using Samsung "RAW Camera" App

Here's how to start editing your photos using the new Samsung "RAW Camera" application;
  1. Download- First, Download Expert RAW from Galaxy Store. (Note: Available Only for users who have upgraded the S21 Ultra S OS (One UI 4.0 FOTA))
  2. Shooting and Editing- Choose a lens suitable for the subject you want to shoot from among the four lenses and try shooting . raw (dng files ) with Lossless JPG high-quality compression technology JPG is stored together. For raw data, you can edit photos after installing or running Adobe LightRoom by selecting the  Lightroom icon in the viewer. ( ※ Continuous shooting limitation: shooting is possible after processing is complete).
  3. Import Expert RAW Profiles in Lightroom- Download RAQ profile On PC (here). Expert RAW improved in HDR to experience the quality and Adobe LightRoom in Galaxy Expert RAW is provided in the profile. Profiles will be supported automatically starting with version 11.1 of Adobe LightRoom Classic scheduled for release in December. During the first beta service, one has come once called profiles required and , if you do not recall Tone may not be displayed properly.
  4. Editing in Lightroom- Now, start editing your photos in the Lightroom.

However, this app is still in the beta stage and is currently exclusive to the Galaxy S21 Ultra model that already has Android 12 with OneUI 4.0 interface installed. Samsung has already announced that the Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy Tab S5e will receive Expert RAW in the coming days, and the stable version of the software will be available for more models soon.

Download the new "Expert RAW' Camera app [.apk]

Here are the direct download links for the new "Expert RAW' Camera app;

Application Name Download Link
Expert RAW (.APK) Download
Light Room Profile (for PC) Download
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