How to Make YouTube Shorts [Complete Guide]

Here's How to Make 60 sec YouTube Short [Complete Guide] Go to the YouTube app to create, edit, and upload your own short videos.
How to make YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

YouTube's answer to TikTok's popularity is YouTube Shorts. In this way, you can make such a short film with your smartphone that is intended to be viewed on a smartphone. All you need is a smartphone with the YouTube app on it.

How to Make YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

Firstly the length of YouTube Short is only limited to 15- 60 seconds and you can make such a recording directly from your YouTube app.
  1. Open the app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  2. At the bottom, you will find the button with the plus sign, which is the Create button.
  3. When you tap that, you'll see the Create a Short feature.
  4. On the next screen, you need to give the app access to the camera and microphone. Give access to the camera settings and continue.
  5. Your 60 sec YouTube Short is ready.

Music and Overlay (YouTube Short)

In the first stage, your 60 sec YouTube Short is ready and now we'll move to add Music and Overlay to your YouTube Short.
Here are some of the tools to enhance your YouTube Shorts;
  1. Now you'll see a number of options that will appear on the recording screen.
  2. The Add Music button allows you to browse a library of songs that you are allowed to add to the image.
  3. With Rotate you switch between the front and rear camera.
  4. You can record the video in slow motion or accelerated mode.
  5. With the speed controller, you can adjust the recording speed between 0.3x and 3x.
  6. There is also a timer to start recording. That way you can set up the device and record hands-free.
  7. Below that is the button to a series of filters.
  8. Tap Align to align the next clip with a transparent overlay.

Publish your YouTube Short

Now it's time for publishing your recorded YouTube short on YouTube. Here's how to publish;

To Publish your YouTube Short;
  1. With the red button, you start the recording and later you use it to stop. Tap Undo if you're not satisfied and want to start over again. Are you satisfied? Then confirm with the checkmark.
  2. Tap Next to add a title of up to 100 characters to the video.
  3. You can choose text color and with Timeline, you determine when the text should appear and disappear.
  4. In the next step, you will add the details for the upload. If you've made a video longer than sixty seconds, there's the Edit to a Short feature to trim your video. Then you decide whether your video will go public or only to the people who receive the link from you.
  5. Finally, you can set very precisely at which time the Short becomes visible to your friends.
However, comparing a difference between TikTok and YouTube Shorts is a big draw for TikTok is the video editor, which comes with all sorts of effects, music, filters, and variable playback speeds. YouTube's Shorts editor doesn't have nearly as many features as Tiktok, but in YouTube shorts, we'll get a ton of new filters and effects so you can get the vibe you want.
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