Top 10 Google's 'Secret Search Code Hacks' to make search easier -2022

Top 10 Google's 'Secret Search Code Hacks' to search easier- Use these keywords with and without the commands listed below to change search results

Google Secret Search Code Hacks

Google Secret Search Code Hacks

Google reaches 6 billion users every month and There are 246 million unique Google users in the US. But most people are unaware of the methods of accessing sites that are considered private. Some results can only be accessed through secret codes. When you use these codes, you can reach specific searches that you cannot reach in normal search results.

For example, it is only possible to reach results or search for prices on social media. You can use certain keywords and exclude others, or you can only get results within a specific site. So how can we do this? Here in this article, I'll show you the top 10 Google's 'Secret Search Code Hacks' which definitely make search easier -2022.

How do Google Secret Search codes Works?

Secret Google secret search codes help you refine or narrow your search results. Some of these codes are based on punctuation. If these punctuation marks are not part of your search, Google will ignore them. It also allows you to access results that you cannot reach under normal conditions.

Top 10 Google's 'Secret Search Code Hacks'

Here are the Top 10 Google's "Secret Search Code Hacks" which helps you to refine or narrow down your search results;
  1. Social media searches: In order to search for the results you want to reach only within a certain social media platform, write the name of the platform with "@" at the beginning of the search. Ex-  @Twitter.
  2. Price Searches: If you want to reach a product at a certain price, write the amount and currency next to the product you have written. The first result that comes out will present a page that meets the criteria you want. The camera is like $500.
  3. Hashtags Searches: calls the piece you want to get the results of a specific hashtag hashtags sheep. Like #GnaneshwarGaddam.
  4. Exclude words from search: If you want to narrow your search and exclude some results, put “-” next to the word you are searching for and type the word you want to exclude. Like Apple-AirPods. In this way, you will reach Apple's other products except for airpods.
  5. Exact match Search: Put quotation marks at the beginning of the words to get results that contain the exact same words as your search. It's like "The Most Expensive Bike".
  6. Search in a range of numbers: If you want to use a specific range of numbers, put a colon between two numbers. For example, Laptop $500..$1000.
  7. Searching for related sites: To get results about a specific site, put “ related: ” at the beginning of the site. related:
  8. Within Site Search Results:  Site:(the site’s name). In this case, it’s the and what it does is it only shows pages from that site. It’s very useful when it’s a huge website and you want to search and get only results from that site
  9. Cached version search: To get results for a cached site from Google, put "cache:" at the beginning of the site.
  10. Searching with missing words: If you are going to search about a phrase with words you forgot, replace the word with ” * ”. For example, if you forgot the word Wall in James Streer, you can search for James *Street. This code is also known as the "wildcard" or "joker" search operator.

So, These are the Top 10 Google's 'Secret Search Code Hacks' which will definitely help you to make search easier -2022, If you find any other secret code hacks then please share them with us via a comment section below.
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