Twitch is finally available on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Finally Gets Twitch App- It’s a free download that’s available now on the eShop, only for watching streams & cannot use to stream game

Twitch for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Finally Gets Twitch App

Twitch has finally come to the Nintendo Switch. It’s a free download that’s available now on the eShop. The app has the familiar Home tab, a Browse tab to search for streams by game or category, and a Search box. On the other hand, it should be noted that the application is only for watching streams and you cannot use the application to stream your gameplay
After months of waiting, Nintendo Switch Console users will be able to access the platform and you can now watch Livestream gaming videos, Esports, and any IRL broadcast right from your Nintendo Switch device. Along with this, you can now tune into your favorite sport including basketball, baseball, soccer, football, swimming, wrestling, hockey, pool, and much more through talk shows, league channels, Fantasy, and ESports.

No live broadcast?

As you will have noticed, one essential activity is missing: that of streaming content from your Switch. This is indeed not possible on the Nintendo console. Content creators will therefore have to turn to their usual method of exporting their gaming sessions in order to broadcast them on Twitch. Moreover, the application is only useful for viewing videos and other Livestreams.

It is obviously not possible to manage your creator dashboard either, and it is good to note that due to the lack of a front camera on the device, it would have been impossible to film your person anyway, even with the possibility of direct broadcasting. The case, therefore, does not seem won for the creators, and Nintendo does not seem to plan to bring all the features of Twitch to its console in the near future.

To download the app, go to Nintendo eShop. As on all other platforms, the application is free to download. As said before, you don't need to create a special account, you can simply log into your existing Twitch account. Although the Nintendo Switch is a family console, it is good to remember that registration on Twitch, is officially not authorized for 13 years.

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