Android TV 12 is now available for developers, official release soon

Android TV 12 is now available to download for developers. Here's the new Google's Android TV 12 features and how to download using ADT-3 dongle

Android TV 12

Android TV 12

One month after the launch of Android 12 on the Pixel 6, Google officially announces the arrival of its new Android TV 12, an Operating System designed for televisions. 
At present Android TV 12 is only available as a beta version for developers. To download it, you will therefore need an ADT-3 dongle. If it is already the case, the update should be done automatically. Otherwise, it is still possible to install it manually by flashing the system image on the TV.

If we don't have an ADT-3 dongle? don't worry! According to the information, this version is expected to be released globally via OTA only in 2022, reaching both Chromecast and other devices compatible with Android TV, but the company has not yet released the update schedule, information that should appear in the next few weeks.

Android TV 12 Features

Google has added more customizations in Android 12 to improve the experience and compatibility on TV devices. Some of the highlights coming with Android 12 for TV are media playback improvements, more refined user interface capabilities, and privacy and security enhancements. In addition, we are introducing better standards support and improvements for HDMI and tuners.

Here are all the new features that will appear with Google Android TV 12:
  • Media:
    1. Avoid motion judder during playback using refresh rate switching
    2. Certified API-accuracy for reporting display modes, HDR formats, and surround sound formats
  • User Interface:
    1. Background blurs using RenderEffect and in WindowManager.
    2. 4K UI support.
    3. Accessibility settings for font sizes.
  • Privacy & Security:
    1. Microphone and camera indicators.
    2. Microphone and camera toggles.
    3. Device attestation via Android KeyStore API.
  • HDMI & Tuner:
    1. Support for HDMI CEC 2.0.
    2. Tuner HAL 1.1 with DTMB support and performance improvements.
    3. Better protection model with Tuner Service.

Download Android TV 12 Update:

Developers who have an ADT-3 dongle can download the new version via the update notification or by going to the official Google page and installing manually after accepting the terms and conditions.

Here's how to download Android TV 12 Update for developers using the ADT-3 dongle
  1. Use the ADT-3 Developer Kit for Android TV. The provided system image is for ADT-3 developer devices only.
  2. Download the system image.
  3. Install the system image on your ADT-3 device.

Android TV 12- Download and Install system images manually

Device Download Link SHA-256 Checksum
ADT-3 (Android TV) 9310b47c79570cb5a9916ac4f7fe383c62242afea64a2d389aa27ea4f9555a35
ADT-3 (Google TV) 91f7efe7cccfc507a80366c0edb32991df931620ecfc7d2aa765e7b233dc01f1
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