How to put stickers over messages in iMessage?

Stickers in iMessage- Here's How step-by-step process to put stickers over message in iMessage or Delete stickers in iMessage from a chat conversation
How to use stickers in the Messages app

Stickers in iMessage

iMessage offers stickers in the Messages app that you can attach almost anywhere in your chats. Stickers are different from normal images,  you can decorate a conversation with stickers to send it with your friends. In this article, you can know how to put stickers in iMessage and how to delete them again.

How to put stickers over messages in iMessage?

To use Stickers in iMessage, it is first necessary to download stickers separately. In the iMessage App Store, you will be available many stickers to download, some are provided free and some are paid. Here's How to use stickers in iMessage?

To put stickers over messages in iMessage, do the following:
  1. Download your required stickers via the app store.
  2. In an iMessage conversation, tap the App Store icon above the keyboard and choose the appropriate app from your app drawer. If you don't see the right app yet, tap Store and choose Manage. Make sure the switch is on there.
  3. Touch and hold a sticker, then drag it on top of a message in the conversation.
  4. Drag the sticker to the desired chat message. You can stick stickers anywhere in a message bubble.
  5. If you want to stick stickers on your own photo, you must first select or create the photo and send it to the recipient. You can only add stickers on this after sending it.
  6. As soon as you release your finger(s) from the screen, the sticker is pasted into the conversation.
  7. Rotate, resize and resize stickers- You can make a sticker larger or smaller by placing a second finger on the screen. Moving your fingers together or apart will make your sticker smaller or larger.

Delete stickers in iMessage from a chat conversation

If you have accidentally pasted a wrong sticker in iMessage, you can easily delete it again. to do this follow the steps below;
  1. Press and hold your finger on a sticker that you want to delete from chat. 
  2. New options will appear at the bottom.
  3. Tap this and you will be taken to the next screen.
  4. All stickers that have been put on that message are displayed here.
  5. To remove a sticker, slide it to the left and tap Remove.
Apart from stickers and apps in iMessage, you can do a lot more in the Messages app. For example, you can send chat messages with funny animations and effects or write your own messages with your own handwriting.
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