Chrome 97 now lets you clear data stored by websites

Chrome 97 Update- Google releases the latest version Chrome 97 update brings tools for deleting stored website data, nicer-looking web apps, and zoom
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Google Chrome 97 Update

Chrome 97 is rolling out now! Tech Giant Google releases the latest version Chrome 97 update for Android, macOS, Windows, Linux users. Chrome 97 update brings better tools for deleting stored website data, nicer-looking web apps, and more fine zoom controls for the mobile version of the browser.

Chrome 97 - Better management of site permissions and cookies

With Chrome 97 Google brings some important changes to the Privacy and Security settings. Now you can now delete all the data stored by a website. Unlike previous versions, where users could only delete individual website cookies, on Chrome 97, we can delete all of the data a website stores. 
To try this new feature, navigate to Settings > Security and Privacy > Site Settings > View Permissions and Data Stored Across Sites. 

Google believes that this change will provide users with a clearer experience and reduce the likelihood of users accidentally breaking a website.

“By providing users with the ability to delete individual cookies, they can accidentally change the implementation details of the site and potentially break their experience on that site, which can be difficult to predict. Even more capable users run the risk of compromising some of their privacy protection, by incorrectly assuming the purpose of a cookie,” said Google in a blog post.

Chrome 97 - Nicer-looking Web Apps

Chrome 97 also improves the interface of web apps so that they can look a bit more like native apps. A space previously reserved for the browser can now be used by developers to integrate a search bar or navigation buttons.

Chrome 97 - Enable Accessibility Page Zoom

With this update, a flag allows the mobile browser to remember the preferred zoom level for each web page. It can be enabled with this command in the URL bar: chrome: flags #enable-accessibility-page-zoom. Chrome will remember it next time you visit.
This feature already exists on the desktop without the need to enable this flag.

Chrome 97 - Better HDR Support for CSS

The new version of Chrome implements what Chrome 94 had already started testing a few months ago, namely making CSS able to determine if a screen is HDR compatible in order to adapt the displayed content.

How to Update [Chrome 97]

Chrome 97 is already available, you can install it by going through the options menu then Help> About Google Chrome. The download should run automatically.
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