iOS 15.4 Support Face ID with a Mask, Here's how to enable it?

With iOS 15.4 beta 1 Apple starts testing the ability to use "Face ID authentication while wearing a Mask" but without the need for an Apple Watch
iOS 15 Face ID with a Mask

iOS 15 Face ID with a Mask

With the release of iOS 15.4 Beta 1 for developers, it is revealed that Apple was working on providing support for the use of Apple Pay Face ID authentication while wearing a mask. Previously, Apple Watches could unlock iPhones while people wore masks, but Apple Pay was not supported. In addition, support for use with glasses is also being developed.

With this beta update, you will now be able to set the face recognition feature with or without a mask. Even if you choose face recognition with a mask, you will not need to wear a mask during installation. To set up this new feature in your iPhone, you need to go to (Settings > Face ID > Use Face ID with a Mask).

This feature will come in very handy as many iPhone users don't have an Apple Watch. While unlocking your phone with the Watch is pretty useful, anyone around you can also unlock your iPhone. With this new iOS 15.4 feature, it will be possible to unlock your iPhone with facial recognition that focuses on your eye area to authenticate.

Also, Apple is improving Face ID recognition while wearing glasses. It is stated that using Face ID while wearing a mask will give the best results when it is set to recognize each pair of glasses you wear regularly. On the other hand, it does not support Face ID sunglasses with masks.

It should also be noted that this new feature will only be compatible with iPhone 12 and above models.

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