Xbox Game Bar Not Working: Here's How to Fix?

Fix problems with Xbox Game Bar on Windows- Xbox Game Bar Not Working: Here's How to Fix Xbox Game Bar Not Working problem on your PC (Windows 10).
Xbox Game Bar Not Working

Fix problems with Xbox Game Bar on Windows

The Xbox Game Bar is a handy tool for Windows 10 that allows you to record and stream gameplay, among other things. However, it is possible that the software shows problems, as a result of which it no longer works (properly). In this article, you'll know how to quickly fix the Xbox Game Bar Not Working problem on your PC.

Many users often encounter the same problems with the Xbox Game Bar. For example, the program does not always start or cannot open a video. In addition, you sometimes encounter strange pop-ups and otherwise, the streaming does not work at all. In some cases, you can solve the problems quickly, but it may also be that drastic measures are required.

Xbox Game Bar Not Working, How to Fix?

If your Xbox Game Bar doesn't work on your PC, it's a good idea to first restart your Windows 10 PC once. If that doesn't help, start the computer 'clean'. 'Clean' boot means that the PC is activated with minimal drivers. This is how you do that.

Here's How to Fix Xbox Game Bar Not Working;

Log in as administrator > open Start and type msconfig > Click System Configuration > Click on Services and then click Hide all Microsoft services > Disable them all, then click the Startup tab and then Open Task Manager > Now disable all apps by clicking on them and pressing Disable > Close the Task Manager and in System Configuration go to the Computer Boot tab. Now click OK and restart the computer. Now Open Xbox Game Bar to see if the issues have been resolved.

Is your problem still not resolved? so, now you'll need to disable or uninstall an app that you have recently installed on your PC.

Still your problem not resolved?

No worry! we have other fixes, Here's another fix! just open Start > game bar > Right-click on it > App Settings there you will see a number of options here. By scrolling a little bit you will come across the Restore button. This solves common problems without losing data.

Reinstall Xbox Game Bar

If all the above fixes are not solved your Xbox Game Bar Not Working problem, then you'll go for Reinstalling Xbox Game Bar, to do this;
Open Start > Powershell (open the app with your right mouse button and click on  Administrator option) Copy the following line of text into the program: Get-AppxPackage *xboxapp* | Remove-AppxPackage This removes the Xbox Game Bar.

Now Restart your computer and again download the Xbox Game Bar application from the Microsoft Store.
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