Chrome 99 Update- Check out these new features of Google Chrome introduced in Chrome 99 Update

Chrome 99 Update, Check out these 5 new features of Google Chrome browser has introduced in Chrome 99 Update to make browsing easier, faster than ever

Chrome 99 Update

Chrome 99 Update

Google has just announced the release of its new version 99 of Google Chrome. Unsurprisingly, this new version does not bring major changes before the arrival of big changes with Chrome 100. However, Chrome 99 includes some new features, here is the complete list of new features which was introduced by Google in the Chrome 99 update to make browsing easier, faster.

Chrome 99 update brings the new features as shown below;
  1. A new downloads shortcut.
  2. Revamped System Date & Time Pickers.
  3. Handwriting recognition API support.
  4. Adblocker.
  5. Dark Mode support for web app splash screens

1) A New Download Shortcut

new downloads shortcut
Inspired by the Microsoft Edge browser, Chrome added a new shortcut to the download list at the top, in the toolbar itself. The feature will allow users to find their downloaded files and programs more prominently in the browser layout. Indeed, an icon will appear in the toolbar at the top right when a download begins. This icon will turn blue when the download continues before turning gray when the operation is complete. Previously, downloads were traditionally displayed at the bottom of the screen.

2) Revamped System Date & Time Pickers

Revamped System Date & Time Pickers
Google brings a new revamped interface of system date & time pickers. In Chrome 99, There is also a new date picker that can be used by web applications (PWAs) without developers having to program it from scratch. To use the tool, it is enough that an HTML form box has this input format however, you may have to wait a bit to take advantage of this feature since Google has decided not to activate this feature by default. The manufacturer has confirmed that it needs to make some changes to ensure its stability. Another point and this is a feature particularly requested by developers, Chrome 99 finally uses a system date picker for forms. 

3) Handwriting recognition API support

Handwriting recognition API
Google Chrome 99 officially integrates its new API for handwriting recognition, allowing users of devices that support stylus pens to enter data using nothing more than their own handwriting.

4) Adblocker

Marking a new step towards the possible end of ad blockers, the new browser update removes support for extensions that use the Manifest v2 specs. Now, all applications must comply with the API Manifest v3, whose most notable feature is the reduction from 100,000 to 30,000 filter entries for extensions.

5) Dark Mode support for web app splash screens

This is a bit more technical, but the Manifest file for web apps can now utilize a dark mode. What this means is that the splash screen for web apps will no longer blast you in the eyes the moment you load them up so long as their developer has implemented an appropriate color scheme conditionally. Obviously, this will take time for devs to get accustomed to, but hopefully, with time, this will become the standard.

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