Roku OS 11.0 Update Revealed- Here's What's New? (4 New Features)

Roku OS 11- Roku has announced today the next version of its smart streaming operating system, Roku OS 11. Here's What's new features with OS 11.0
Roku OS 11 Update

Roku OS 11 Update

Roku has announced today the next version of its smart streaming operating system, Roku OS 11 and the new update will start arriving on Roku players, Roku TV, and peripherals in "the coming weeks" –  Roku OS 11 brings several new personalization features, system interface improvements and many more. Here in this article, you'll know what's new features hidden inside Roku OS 11.0 Update.

Roku OS 11 Features

According to Roku, These are the top new features added to its latest version of Roku OS 11 Update;
  1. Roku Photo Streams – OS 11 introduces a new feature called "Roku Photo Streams" with this feature users will be able to change their screensaver to display their own photography or images with Photo Streams. Not only will Photo Streams allow users to display photos from their desktop or mobile device on Roku, but users will also be able to share Streams with other Roku device owners as well. Once a Stream is shared, other Roku owners will be able to add to it, allowing everyone to collaborate on a shared album.
  2. Improvements to Roku Audio – Roku OS 11 adds an automatic speech clarity setting that Roku promises will make it easier to understand the dialogue. At the same time, the update introduces new sound modes – dubbed “Standard,” “Dialogue,” “Movie,” “Music” and “Night” – that you can access by pressing the Star button found on both Roku remotes and the company’s mobile app. As you might have already guessed, these modes allow you to tweak the sound profile of Roku-branded soundbars and speakers to better suit a specific situation.
  3. What to Watch  –  Roku OS 11 will also introduce a new “what to watch on Roku” menu, a personally curated hub added to the home screen menu that will suggest popularly and recently released TV and movies.
  4. Voice-enabled keyboards   Roku OS 11 brings a new voice-enabled keyboard to help users with device setup and channel logins. and these keyboards will be available in Spanish, German, and Portuguese in the US and other supported countries.
However, this new update will start rolling out to everyone in the coming weeks, check out the latest Roku OS 11.0 release notes here.
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