Batman Unburied Podcast is now available on Spotify

Batman Unburied Podcast is now available on Spotify- All Spotify users will be able to enjoy the new Batman Unearthed original audio series for free
Batman Unburied Podcast spotify

The Batman Unburied is now streaming on Spotify

Starting today, all Spotify users will be able to enjoy the new Batman Unearthed original audio series for free in its 9 languages created for the United States, Spanish-speaking Latin America, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, and Japan. Each of them has casts, production, and scripts adapted to each country, in order to transmit to listeners a podcast that identifies their culture, all without affecting the original story. 

The first two episodes of the 10-ep “Batman Unburied” bowed on May 3. Available exclusively on Spotify, the series captured the No. 1 slot in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, France, the U.K., Germany, Italy, Mexico, and India. In Japan, it sits at No. 2, behind Spotify Studios’ “Spy x Family” based on the popular manga series.

This psychological thriller will take all listeners on a new journey into the depths of Bruce Wayne's mind, like never seen before. Batman Unearthed will return to the classic stories of this character, without neglecting the already known, and not-so-well-known, supervillains.

For this first episode, Bruno Díaz, who is played by Mexican actor Alfonso Herrera, is a renowned forensic pathologist who performs autopsies on crimes committed in Gotham City. The murder committed on victim Jane Doe is unlike the ones he has seen before as he tries to find out why her killer kept her alive while she committed her crime.

Throughout the chapter, fans will not be able to stop listening and theorizing about who is The Harvester? What is his goal? How do you commit crimes? All these questions will be answered little by little as the chapter progresses, and the answers to many other questions will be answered weekly in the premiere of a new chapter every Tuesday. 

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Within the cast of Batman Unearthed , for Spanish-speaking Latin America, well-known characters are also highlighted, such as  Carlos Aragón  as Alfred,  Ana Brenda Contreras  as Bárbara Gordon,  Zuria Vega  as Kell,  Alfonso Barbolla  as The Riddler,  Noé Hernandez  as The Harvester,  Gustavo Sánchez Parra  as Doctor Hunter,  Hernán Mendoza  as Thomas Wayne,  Ursula Pruneda  as Martha Wayne,  Lucia Uribe  as Rene Montoya,  Ximena Romo  as Vicky Vale, and  Gabriela Warketin  as Summer Gleeson, all directed by Hari Sama,  well- known Mexican director.

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