Bill Gates says he uses a foldable Android phone

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates confirmed that he uses a foldable Android Galaxy Z Fold 3 as his daily smartphone instead of a Microsoft Surface Duo
Bill Gates uses a foldable phone

Bill Gates uses a Galaxy Z Fold 3

Did you know which smartphone Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates use? If you think Microsoft Surface Duo your guess is wrong. In a recent conversation on Reddit AMA, Bill Gates had with fans on Reddit that one of his fans asked "What is the current phone he used"? Bill Gates explained that instead of Microsoft Surface Duo he currently uses a foldable phone and it is Galaxy Z Fold 3, released in 2021 by South Korean manufacturer Samsung.

Further, he explained that;

I have an Android Galaxy ZFold3. I try different ones. With this screen, I can get by with a great portable PC and the phone and nothing else. - Bill Gates

One of the reasons why he could be using a Samsung phone is the integration with Windows because of Samsung’s tight partnership with Microsoft. Gates had previously revealed that he uses an Android phone over Apple’s iPhone, but this is the first time he has specifically revealed the name of the device. However, Microsoft Surface Duo has more or less the same features as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.


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