CCleaner 6.0 Released with a new patented Performance Optimizer and improved Software Updater

CCleaner 6.0 app is out now with a new, patented Performance Optimizer and improved Software Updater and is ready to download for both Windows & macOS

CCleaner v6.00.9727

CCleaner 6.0 Released

CCleaner, developed by Piriform, is one of the best-known software utilities used to clean potentially unwanted files and invalid Windows Registry entries from a computer (Windows/macOS) and is also the longest-established system cleaner has today unveiled its new version called CCleaner v6.00.9727 and this update brings many improvements to accessibility in CCleaner and also a new patented Performance Optimizer and improved Software Updater.

CCleaner v6.00.9727 is now ready to download for both Windows & macOS. In a release notes CCleaner announced that;

Welcome to CCleaner 6.0, our next step in taking CCleaner from a great cleaning and optimization app to an essential tool for a problem-free digital life. You told us that your #1 priority is a PC that runs smoothly and never gets slow so, in this release, we’re unveiling our best solution yet to this problem: our all-new, patented Performance Optimizer!

Performance Optimizer discovers the apps that slow down your PC when not in use, lets you put them into “sleep” mode to redistribute resources to the task at hand, and then wakes them up instantly when you need them again. The result? Freed up processing power and memory means your system performance gets a boost for your video calls, browsing, entertainment, and more. 

CCleaner 6.0 Features

As announced by the company, CCleaner 6.0 update includes plenty of benefits for Free users, including even more powerful cleaning for Windows, Google programs, Apple programs, and the gaming platform Steam. 

1) Helping you to keep your PC running fast and smooth

  1. Added a new Performance Optimizer feature
  2. Scans for apps that run in the background
  3. Allows you to sleep apps that aren’t needed, reducing system load
  4. Keeps apps asleep while not in use
  5. Wakes apps up safely when needed by you or another application
  6. Contains a guide and FAQ section
  7. We fixed some bugs found during our feature preview test phase

2) PC cleaning features;

  1. Added cleaning of Windows Software Distribution logs
  2. Added optional cleaning of Google programs backup files
  3. Added optional cleaning of Apple programs backup files
  4. Added optional cleaning of Steam backup files
  5. Improved cleaning of Safari internet history
  6. Improved cleaning of Chromium internet cache (JS files)

3) Taking the hassle out of PC maintenance

  1. CCleaner 6.0 update added 50 new apps to its Software Updater
  2. More to come this summer
  3. Request an app at

4) Simplifying the app

  1. Added a helpful ‘Paste’ button to the License Key screen
  2. Improved Account Menu display for high-DPI screens
  3. Made some license registration errors more understandable
  4. To avoid mishaps, CCleaner will always be installed to a /CCleaner/ folder

5) Making the app inclusive (Accessibility)

  1. CCleaner's new Performance Optimizer feature has full support for NVDA screen reader
  2. The Account Manager menu now works better with the NVDA screen reader

6) Keeping your PC safe

  1. As part of CCleaner's continued commitment to security, this update brings various minor security improvements based on testing (penetration testing, static code analysis).
  2. Updates like these are typical, preventative measures taken by all good software companies.

CCleaner 6.0 [Download Now]

You can download the free latest version of CCleaner 6.0 here.

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