How To Send Photos and Videos via WhatsApp Without Losing Quality

Here's a small trick makes to helps you How To Send Photos and Videos via WhatsApp Without Losing Quality, you can send quality intact files as well

Send Photos and Videos via WhatsApp Without Losing Quality

Easy sharing of photos or videos between smartphones is one of the most common things nowadays. Taking a picture or shooting a video with a mobile phone is not a problem even for a complete beginner, and the same applies to the following sending the same files to your friends and family. as you know Whatsapp will allow you to send photos and videos but unfortunately, when u sent any image via Whatsapp your image quality will be reduced by default, do you want to send any of your files images, or videos without a loss of quality. In this guide, we will show you how to send photos and videos of the highest quality via the popular WhatsApp.

Send photos and videos via WhatsApp without losing quality

Whether you're sharing content through Google Photos or sending it through your favorite chat app, there is always more or less compression by default. Therefore, you cannot expect the recipient to receive the highest quality files in this way, unless you send them, for example, via storage, e-mail attachment, Bluetooth, or some form of Wi-Fi transmission. But here is a small trick you'll never lose any quality of your photos or videos by using WhatsApp, you can send quality intact files as well thanks to a little trick.

Whatsapp has the ability to send photos or videos. But this variant works with unwanted compression, so avoid it. Instead, you need to send the files as "documents". Thanks to this option, the media files with the preview will not leave, but as a normal attached file, which will retain its original appearance.

How to do it?

Follow these steps to send photos and videos via WhatsApp without losing quality;

  1. Open your WhatsApp application on your mobile or PC
  2. Now Open a specific chat you want to send.
  3. Click on the paperclip icon representing the attachment
  4. Select Document
  5. Find the file you want on your device
  6. Click Submit.

However, Whatsapp may not allow you to upload files that are too large (such as longer, higher-resolution videos). The current area limit should be 100 Mb per file. In this case, you will need to use a different procedure for transmission without loss of quality, or try to wait for the limit to increase. 

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