How To Use NFC Tags On iPhone – Here's Everything You Need To Know

NFC Tags On iPhone- Here's a complete guide on how to Use NFC Tags On iPhone to perform all kinds of actions faster makes your iPhone speed up tasks

NFC tags on your iPhone

What are NFC Tags?

If you are an iPhone user? did you know what is NFC Tag and what it is useful for? Simply NFC stands for Near-field communication and the NFC tag reader is a device equipped with which you can read data from all kinds of objects which makes your iPhone speed up tasks.

NFC tags are small items that can transmit information. They can also be used to initiate an action, such as a contactless payment with Apple Pay or checking in on public transport. A wireless bank card and your OV chip card also contain an NFC chip.

It becomes even more fun when you come up with applications for it yourself. You can start all kinds of automation by tapping your iPhone against an NFC tag. An example: hold the iPhone against a sticker that you have applied to the front door or on your bedside table. You can then ensure that all lights go out, the heating is turned down and the alarm system is switched on.

 In this article, I'll explain how to use the NFC tag reader on your iPhone and how to make and use it. This allows you to perform all kinds of actions faster.

Which iPhones can read NFC tags?

 To be able to use NFC Tags On iPhone, you must have one of the following devices:

  1. iPhone 13 series or later
  2. iPhone 12 Series
  3. iPhone 11 Series
  4. iPhone SE 2020
  5. iPhone X Series (X, XR, XS, XS Max)
  6. iPhone 8 Series
  7. iPhone 7 Series

How to Enable NFC reader on your iPhone?

On iPhone XR and newer, the NFC reader runs in the background and automatically springs into action when an NFC tag is detected. On the iPhone 7 to iPhone X, you need to add the NFC reader to the Control Panel. To enable this:
  1. On your iPhone, open the Settings.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Scroll down and tap the plus sign next to NFC Tag Reader.

Uses of NFC tags?

There are several uses for NFC tags. You can do simple things with it, such as turning the lights on and off. If you want to perform some more advanced actions, you can do that too. Since iOS 13, using NFC tags has become much more accessible. Apple has provided the built-in Assignments app with NFC tag support. Every iPhone with iOS 13 or newer has this app installed by default. Using the Assignments app, you can activate HomeKit scenes, among other things.

#1) Activate HomeKit devices and scenes

If you stick an NFC tag at the front door, you can hold your iPhone against it when you get home. If you have a HomeKit door lock, it will lock automatically. The lights and television also switch on. Ready for a relaxing moment! Of course, you must have suitable equipment at home for this. You can also stick an NFC tag on your bedside table. With this, for example, your alarm can be activated while all the lights are turned off.

#2) In the car

You can also discreetly stick an NFC tag in the car, for example somewhere under your steering wheel. This allows you to automatically open a route to work, for example. Handy if you want to check whether it is better to take a detour due to traffic jams, or if you often have to go to work from different locations.

#3) System features

You can also activate simple tasks with NFC tags. For example, you let your flashlight turn on, or a certain app is opened automatically. Do not disturb and power saving mode can also be started quickly by holding your iPhone against the tag. You do need to have a specific usage scenario for this, but it's good to know that it's possible. It is of course not always necessary to hold your iPhone against an NFC tag if you can also do it with a quick action on the screen.

Best NFC tags for your iPhone

The iPhone recognizes a wide range of NFC tags, including NFC Forum Type 2 tags with chips from NTAG, MIFARE, and ICODE. If you choose NTAG it will almost always work. We have different types of NFC tags, including a small, rectangular sticker and a drop for your key ring.

Here are some of the best NFC tags for iPhone to help get your tap-and-go journey started right.
  • NTAG213 White NFC Tags 25mm
  • NTAG213 Transparent NFC Tags 30mm
  • NTAG213 Micro NFC Tags
  • NTAG213 NFC Keychain

Getting Started with NFC

You can use different apps to get started with your NFC tag. Since iOS 13, the most obvious app is Apple's built-in Shortcuts app. It allows you to activate all automation with the NFC tag. You can also have multiple actions performed at the same time with one action. However, this only works for you, so others will not help from your NFC tag. You can read how to make automation in our explanation. This is how you associate an NFC tag with actions:
  • Open the Assignments app.
  • Open the Automation tab.
  • Create new automation with the plus sign (+) at the top right.
  • Choose Personal Automation.
  • Scroll down and select NFC.
  • Tap the NFC tag, scan your tag, and give it a name.
  • Add all the desired tasks in the correct order, then tap Next.
  • Optionally, disable Prompt Before Execute for faster action.
Every time you now hold your iPhone against this NFC tag, the actions will be performed in the order you determined. You can always make adjustments in the Automations tab, so you don't have to do it every time you make a mistake.

Do you want others to be able to use your NFC tags too? For that, you need to install third-party apps. We prefer Smart NFC. This allows you to open links, make phone calls and connect to Wi-Fi networks. You can then also lock the NFC tag so that it cannot be tampered with. Apps are regularly made that allow you to customize NFC tags to your liking, so it sometimes pays to search for NFC in the App Store.

How to use an NFC tag on your iPhone

Using an NFC tag with your iPhone is basically the same for all tags. Whether they are yours or someone else's. Note that you need an iPhone 7 or newer to read NFC tags, and an iPhone XS or newer to do this without a separate app. You can quickly find a suitable app by searching for NFC in the App Store. This is how you use an NFC tag on your iPhone:
  • Unlock your iPhone.
  • iPhone 7, 8, and X only: Open an NFC reading app.
  • Hold the top of your iPhone against the NFC tag.
  • Optionally, tap the notification that appeared and then Run (or a similar message).

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