Microsoft is testing a new built-in 'Drop' feature for its Edge browser

Microsoft is testing a new built-in 'Drop' feature for sharing files and notes across devices. Users can send their files to use on other devices
Edge Browser

Microsoft is working on a new update for its Edge Web Browser. The company looking to improve the user experience is targeting the most-needed features in this update. 

Microsoft Tests New "Drop" feature

As first reported by Neowin, Microsoft is developing a new feature for its Edge browser that will make it easier for users to share files. This new feature called "Drop" will allow users to share notes and files across all devices that have the Edge browser installed you can check this new feature in Settings > Appearance-  edge://settings/appearance

Microsoft Edge Browser will now allow users to easily transfer notes, links, and other files to other devices with its new feature called "Drop".  Microsoft Edge will now solve the file-sharing problem, especially with the pandemic, business computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets have become a co-working space in the hybrid working system. Using different devices in sync while working is a great tool. Accessing links and files on different devices is crucial at this point, especially for those working. 

Drop feature

Edge's new Drop feature is now available to some users with early access. the new Drop feature appears similar to a chat window on the right side of the browser screen. Users can send the files they wish to use on other devices here but both devices must log in with the same Microsoft account. Actually, cloud storage and file transfer services such as OneDrive and Dropbox are currently another way of solving these issues. However, Microsoft Edge seems to have addressed file sharing issues with Drop in a much simpler way. Another way such files were shared was so far by the person sending private messages to themselves via email or platforms like Slack.

Microsoft can make this a great convenience by adding the same function to the browser itself. Of course, every service has a price. Unfortunately, Drop does not provide unlimited file transfers. Microsoft will offer a parallel file transfer option to OneDrive storage space depending on the user's subscription plan. Drop, which is still under the testing phase, is expected to be opened to general use in the next few months.

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