Summer Vacation? 'Google Flights' tool helps you find the cheapest flights ✈︎

Google Flights ✈︎ Summer Vacation? 'Google Flights' tool helps you find the cheapest flights ✈︎ Track flight prices for any dates, Browse destinations
Summer Vacation? 'Google Flights' tool helps you find the cheapest flights ✈︎

Planning for the best Summer Vacation? But don't know where to go and how to plan accordingly your budget? Today I'll introduce a great tool that helps your Summer Vacation

Did you know Tech Giant Google has a little-known feature that can be extremely useful for those people who need to travel by plane and want to spend the least amount of money possible on their air tickets?  This tool we talked about is called "Google Flight".  A flight search engine that provides information about available flights anywhere in the world.

Google Flights

Google Flights is a Google service dedicated to finding the cheapest flights possible, taking into account your destination preferences, dates, and times when you want to fly. The service is just integrated into the search engine as one more Google tool, joining options such as Google Flights, Google Shopping, or Google Photos, Just access it by simply searching Google Flights in your Google Search right from your smartphone or desktop. Google Flights service acts as a flight comparison based on prices of major airlines operating at airports of origin and destination to find the fastest and most affordable option for your flights from a mobile or the computer. Once in the tool, you can configure your rides by indicating departure and arrival dates, dates, and times and even compare the price of flights to other options like the train. 

  1. Google Flights tool includes a historical comparison that allows you to know right away if the price of a particular flight is cheaper than the average annual price, or if, on the contrary, the flight price is more expensive than usual. 
  2. Use Google Flights to find the most inexpensive flights available
  3. Cheap flights can be difficult to find, but Google Flights makes it so much easier.
  4. To notify of a sudden drop in prices, simply search for the destination on the platform, select the date, log in with your Google account and activate the function to receive an email with alerts for below-average airfare values.
  5. For those who have not yet decided on their destination, the Explore tool allows the user to have a preview of various places around the world with relevant information about travel, places to stay, and tourist attractions.

How to Use Google Flights to Find Cheap Flights in 2022

Read on for new features recently Google in its blog post announced 4 new features in Google Flights that’ll make travel planning a joy, this summer and beyond;
  1. Track flight prices for any dates
  2. Browse destinations within driving distance
  3. Find the perfect place to stay
  4. Stay organized along the way

#1) Track flight prices for any dates

Track flight prices for any dates
Google Flights

On Google Flights, it is now very easy that you can track prices for specific dates between two cities;
Just search for your destination, toggle to opt-in, and you'll get an email if prices drop substantially for those dates, now you can start tracking prices to find deals for any dates, and you’ll get an email if we detect lower than typical fares in the next 3-6 months.

#2) Browse destinations within driving distance

Browse destinations within driving distance
Google Flights

Not sure where to visit? Google introduces a new Explore tool that lets you browse locations around the world with filters for things like budget or trip length. In the default view, Explore will show flight prices, but now you’ll also see a pink dot and a bubble that reads ‘Explore nearby’
Just Tap this feature to narrow your search to places you can drive to in a few hours, and select any destination to see helpful information including average hotel prices or what kind of weather to expect. If you do decide to take that road trip, there are plenty of ways Google Maps can help.

#3) Find the perfect place to stay

Find the perfect place to stay
Google Flights
Once you know where you’re going, it’s time to decide where you’ll stay. You can search for hotels on Google or head straight to Heading to a new city? It can be overwhelming to choose what neighborhood to stay in, but with new interest layers on the map, you can quickly see which areas have the most options for dining, shopping, or sightseeing. For more popular destinations, you can also tap ‘Where to stay’ under the search filters, for a handy neighborhood guide.
For some trips, you may want easy access to a certain landmark or address. Beginning today, you can enter that location in the hotel or vacation rental search bar and you’ll see a toggle to show properties within a 15 or 30-minute trip by foot or car. This might be helpful if you’re going to an event, like a wedding or a conference, and want to stay near the venue.

#4) Stay organized along the way

Stay organized along the way
Google Flights
For the vacation dreamers and planners, we’ve introduced a new way to keep track of properties that pique your interest so you can pick up your travel planning right where you left off. 
  • Just tap the bookmark icon on any hotel or vacation rental, and it’ll be saved for easy reference
  • To see your saved properties, look for the Saved tab on mobile or the right-hand panel on the desktop.

How to Get Cheap Flight Airline Tickets using Google Flights? ✈︎

Here are some of the great tools available on Google Flights that will make your search for that flight very easy - ✈︎

  1. Price Calendar
  2. Explore Destinations / Flexible Dates
  3. Undefined destination
  4. Multiple cities

  • #Price Calendar: Right in your initial search you can open the calendar to select a date of your choice and see the values for all dates! To do this, simply adjust the duration of your trip in the tab below the calendar, and the amount displayed each day will correspond to the round trip value that day and return within the duration you selected. 
  • #Explore Destinations / Flexible Dates: If you have the flexibility of dates and/or destinations, this is the tab for you! In it, you can check the values for various destinations in the world in different months and travel lengths! You can select the one that best suits your journey and get lost in the world of options!
  • #Undefined destination: Do you want to go on a Eurotrip or go through more than one country on your trip? Try putting the continent instead of a country! That way you'll see all the fair prices instead of having to check one country at a time! 
  • #Multiple cities: Will you start the journey in one place and end in another? Use the google flights tool and make your flight easier work! He already organizes all destinations and provides you with the ultimate value. 

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