- This site lets you listen to the sounds of nature from all over the world

This site simply lets you listen to the "sounds of nature or animals, from all over the world". Natural Soundscapes. new sounds of nature

This site simply lets you listen to the "sounds of nature from all over the world", The slogan of the service is simply - "like Spotify, but for natural soundscapes", here we can get a cloud service like Spotify where you can create a playlist from a wide range of sounds of nature or animals, from all over the world.

Natural Soundscapes

The website creators of came up with an interesting idea, i.e., with the help of this website that allows us to listen to the sounds of animals and nature in general from a number of locations around the world. We can listen to various species of birds in Malaysia or India or the sounds of the forest in Ghana.

On the home page of the service, there is a specific map of the world where we can search for find specific locations. We found out that we have the opportunity to listen to, for example, the Ulu Muda Forest Reserve, which is located in Malaysia, INDIA - INDIAN WOODLAND BIRDSONG which is located at Sunaberra National Park, western Orissa -India.

Basically, these sounds were added based on a large number of contributors, especially those who have experience recording natural sounds. Thanks to the service, new sounds from different locations are added every three days, so you can still come across something new.

An interesting functionality, thanks to which tries to compare the principle of operation to Spotify, is the ability to create your own playlists (playlists or sounds) and then listen to them, for example as a background during various relaxation activities.
The information on the website also includes a mention of studies that highlight the positive effect of natural sounds on human well-being, while the sounds of water and birds are also supposed to have a positive effect on breaking down today's ubiquitous stress. Podcast

At there has a collection of podcasts, and according tot them- their podcasts series is aimed at helping us to connect to ourselves and to our earth by deep listening to natural soundscapes.
Based on empirical evidence as well as numerous recent studies from all over the world, listening to natural soundscapes (particularly mindful listening) has a great positive impact on our wellbeing, and potentially on our respect for nature. However, these soundscapes are increasingly scarce as we humans continue to destroy the natural ecosystems which produce them.

At present, we have 2 podcasts to playlist:
  1. A portrait of the White Mountain National Forest- In this contemplative natural soundscape, field recordist Jared Blake managed to capture in binaural sound an elaborate, hour-long portrait of the White Mountain National Forest. - “These recordings took place throughout the year in the Sandwich Wilderness of the White Mountain National Forest. Each day, I hiked from the parking area directly up the Wonalancet River, jumping from rock to rock. Because I wasn’t on a trail, I was able to experience and capture parts of the Wonalancet largely unknown to the world.” (
  2. Relaxing Evening in the Amazonian Rainforest- This podcast Duration: will be of duration 60 minutes was Recorded on 25, Apr. 2022. In this podcast, At first listen this seems like a thick wall of sound but once your ears get accustomed to the busy-ness, layers start to emerge. You’ll hear sounds like fog drip, soft wind and occasionally deadfall. On top of that the piercing chorus of insects is constant, multi-layered and continuously changing. As a final touch, several birds call every now and then, their plaintive wails echoing around the thick undergrowth. (
The service is also interesting in that it archives the sounds of nature and animals from various parts of the world because people are constantly continuing to destroy the natural ecosystems that produce these sounds, resp. in which different species of animals live. In the future, therefore, we could find ourselves in a situation where we will no longer be able to hear some specific sounds of animals or natural areas other than from a similar recording.

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