Wordle 379 Answer Today: Here's the answer and hints for (July 3, 2022)

Wordle' #379 Answer Today Hint And Answer: July 03, 2022: We are here to help you guess answer Word of the Day Hints, Clues for today's Wordle #379

Wordle answer today

Wordle 379 (Sunday, 3 July 2022)

Wordle - the new viral web-based brain game to guess a word every day is back with another puzzle today. As the rules of the game are simple and players only need to guess a five-letter word, many are finding a good way to test their English vocabulary since Wordle’s acquisition by The New York Times. Every midnight, Wordle refreshes its word of the day, and players will have to guess the new word of the day in a given six attempts. The hints are provided in color-coded tiles (5 X 6) ⬛️🟨🟩. 

Wordle game has gained popularity in recent times. Wordle has become a routine for millions of people around the world. Wordle is very simple to play.

Sunday may be the day of rest, but Wordle doesn't take a break. Indeed, if you want to keep your Wordle winning streak alive, then you'll need to work pretty hard to solve this one. Still, If you face any difficulties in finding today's answer. Here in this article, we're back with the Word of the Day Hints, and the final solution for Wordle for today (July 03, 2022) WORDLE #379.

Hope here this article will definitely help you. The answer to the 'Wordle' 379 July 03 today can be found at the end of this article.

Wordle 379 hints for Sunday, 3 July 2022

Here are some clues for Wordle 379 Read on to find out hints and clues for today's Wordle puzzle;
  1. The Wordle 379 Word of the day is a noun
  2. The word of the day starts with the letter L.
  3. The word today, July 03, ends with the letter C.
  4. The Word of the day for 3 July 2022 has the 'L' alphabet twice
  5. The word has two vowels - I and A
  6. Bonus Hint- The meaning of the word today, July 03- It's a flower.

What is the Wordle answer on 3 July 2022?

After reading all the biggest hints & clues above still, you are facing difficulty to find Wordle #379 Answer Today (Sunday, 3 July 2022)
Then here's the Wordle #379 Answer for (Sunday, 3 July 2022) is here;

Wordle #379 Answer Today (Sunday, 3 July 2022):

The Wordle 379 answer today, Sunday, 03 July 2022 is 'LILAC' -It's a bush or small tree with sweet-smelling purple or white flowers.- According to the "Cambridge Dictionary".

How to Play 'WORDLE'? (Game rules)

If you are new to this brain game to guess a five-letter word every day, Here's a quick guide on how to play the WORLDE brain game.

You'll want to start with a strong word (opens in a new tab) like ALERT—something containing multiple vowels, common consonants, and no-repeat letters. Hit Enter and the boxes will show you which letters you've got right or wrong. If a box turns ⬛️, it means that letter isn't in the secret word at all. 🟨 means the letter is in the word, but not in that position. 🟩 means you've got the right letter in the right spot.

Step 1
Step 2

You have six tries to guess the Wordle word of the day.

Step 3

Each guess must be a valid five-letter word.

Step 4

Hit the enter button to submit.

Step 5

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word.

Yesterday's Wordle #379 (July 02, 2022) answer is here
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